Infotainment Press Review – June 2012

After the good feedback I get on the LinkedIn Groups I have been posting on, I publish the new release of my Infotainment Press Review. This time, I decide to divide the news according their thematic. If you want me to link to specific articles for the next release, don’t hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter (@t_bores)


  • Do drivers dream Android cars? Very interesting article about the future of Android in cars. China is one of the leader country for providing Android Experience to its drivers. Actually Infotainment is on the top of Chinese car buyers wishlist.
  • Smart is developing infotainment solution with Renault (German).The Daimler subsidiary company wants to cooperates with the french car manufacturers on Navigation and Infotainment solution. Goal is to reduce prices of their solutions, currently the connected navigation of the Mercedes A Class is sold 2600€!
  • Apple Siri integration in your car? Apple wants to have a dedicated knob on your steering wheel to activate the voice recognition of your iPhone.
  • Software development poses unfamiliar challenges to automotive value chain. Very good article, I totally agree. Complexity of the embedded automitive software is growing fast, especially for infotainment. It becomes hard for project managers to have an overview on the whole project and to coordinate the work of hundreds of developers. Two possible solutions to reduce the impact of the software development complexity are:
    1. Using modelling tool like Matlab-Simulink for the system design or EB GUIDE Studio for HMI development. This kind of tools enable engineers to focus on the system requirements and system functions. The code is then automaticaly generated out of the modelling tool.
    2. Share the know-how of the different actors and create standards. It’s the reason of the GENIVI consortium creation. In the next years open architecture will play a major role in the IVI solution development.
  • EB GUIDE Studio 5.3 released. With this new version comes a new OpenVG renderer and an extension for connecting to Matlab-Simulink.


  • Why proprietary in-car navigation systems needs to die?! According, Jason Perlow from ZDnet, most of the embedded in-car navigation systems suck. Well some of his arguments about the cost are true: it adds a considerable cost to the vehicle and you have to pay to get the map updates. But for the others I mostly disagree. Contrary to Jason, I think the user interface are, most of the time, good designed and though for a driving usage, screen is bigger than the one of your smartphone and you get all your car information on one screen: temperature, currently selected radio station… Now let’s talk about the future… There will be in my opinion, two main solutions, either the car-makers want to keep in-car navigation and use the smartphone just for connection purpose (web, cloud …) or the Automarkers propose the low-layer software and an API to connect their infotainment systems with all the smartphone OS available on the market, that’s what MirrorLink try to do. While the second solution will bring more possibilities and sexiness, the first solution will probably be the one chosen by most of the actors in a near future, because of security reason but also for marketing reason.
  • Windows Phone 8 gets preinstalled Nokia Maps Navigation
  • Skobbler debuts in France. The navigation software using OpenStreetMap arrives on the french market.


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