Infotainment Press Review – June 2012

After the good feedback I get on the LinkedIn Groups I have been posting on, I publish the new release of my Infotainment Press Review. This time, I decide to divide the news according their thematic. If you want me to link to specific articles for the next release, don’t hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter (@t_bores) General Do drivers dream Android cars? Very interesting article about the future of Android in cars. China is one of the leader country … Read more

Infotainment Press Review – May 2012

This is my first post in English on this blog. I will try to publish a monthly press release about news in the infotainment industry. As you can imagine, this industry is international and most of the articles are published in English, so it would be a non-sense to do it in French. This first press release is a test. My goal is to list the more important news about infotainment during the month and … Read more